FairTech Process

FT Work With Us

The FairTech Process

1. Where are we now?

Let’s sit down and discuss your online marketing objectives, what you’ve done far, what’s been achieved and what taking things to the next level means for you.

2. Free consultation

We’ll have a think and come back to you with our ideas of how to get your website to the top of search rankings and transform it into a money making machine.

3. Road map and offer

We explain our SEO process, including how much you’ll need to invest … and what you can expect from your online marketing activity in return.

4. Contract sign up

We’re all agreed so it’s all systems GO!

5. Setting up monitoring

What’s actually happening on your website.

6. Quick analysis

What can we do immediately to start improving your website’s search ranking and drive relevant valuable traffic to you.

7. Immediately start deploying temporary strategy

Use the analysis to draw up and implement action points that deliver results.

8. Full website, keyword, market and competition analysis

While the temporary strategy begins to make an impact, FairTech will be busy carrying our a full analysis of your website and how best to optimize it.

9. Strategy for next 6 months

The long term online marketing plan to drive traffic and sales.

10. Deploy

Putting in the hard work to turn the strategy into revenue for your business using an arsenal of SEO techniques including;

  • Amending your website structure
  • Updating your website menu structure
  • Optimizing the content on your website
  • Linking the content of your website together
  • Regularly adding new content to your website
  • Sharing that content for inbound marketing
  • Off page optimization
  • Synchronizing SEO with social media activity

11. Monitoring and Fine Tuning

Things change all the time, especially the Google algorithm so at FairTech we’re constantly monitoring and fine tuning our campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best results.

12. The Payoff

With a fully optimized sales funnel you website has now been transformed into a money making machine.